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Titan Utility Services provides on-site and lab testing. We are a supply company catering to the utility world.
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Titan Utility Services is here “for those who climb.” It is our mission to keep linemen safe through quality work and excellent customer service.

We accomplish this by being a full service test company with a “linemen first” mentality. At Titan, we provide on-site testing, a full service lab, tool repair, a well stocked warehouse, and are proud to introduce our new safety and training program with a certified loss control professional on staff.


At Titan, we are proud to say we put the safety of linemen first. Our procedures and test processes go above and beyond to ensure each individual’s safety without compromise.

At Titan, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. When it comes to testing and the safety of linemen, our integrity is uncompromising. At the end of the day, our goal is to know that, as a company, we did everything to ensure each lineman goes home safe.


At Titan, safety is not only something we ensure for our customers, it’s something we practice every day. All our technicians are trained either in house or by third party organizations. When we’re on your job site, our employees go above and beyond. We wear branded uniforms so you can easily recognize our company. We will also wear steel toe boots, hardhats, and utilize fall protection while operating your equipment.

Wes Lee
Southern Pine Electric
Director of Safety & Compliance

We recently made the switch to Titan Utility Testing. I am new in my role and wanted to take a hard look at who and how our equipment was being testing. After meeting with Brett Morrison and Cody Trout, I had no doubt Titan was the direction we wanted to go. Since making the switch, I have been nothing but pleased with their work, professionalism, and timeliness. Cody even took the time to speak with my guys on cover up, the testing procedure, and why it is so important. This kind of service and dedication is why I strongly suggest that if you’re looking for a partner in testing your equipment, you are doing yourself a disservice if you’re not looking at Titan.

Brian Davis
Site Safety Supervisor

We have been a part of Titan from day one, taking advantage of your services and expertise. It has been to our benefit having these services you provide. Often our company has challenged Titan with requirements and constraints, and each time you have shown nothing less than professionalism and commitment to these challenges.

RES- T&D looks forward to our valued relationship with Titan for many years to come.

Tri-County Electric Co-Op Inc
Danny Kraatz
Tri-County Electric Cooperative
Safety Coordinator

I would like to thank Tracy and Titan for the 30 hr. OSHA course that Tracy conducted for Tri County Electric Coop. We had several of our key personnel who needed this course starting from line superintendents down to our lineman. I think it was great how Tracy worked with us on a program that fit or needs and taught us the rules and regulations of OSHA. After Tracy presented the class, I had great feedback from all who attended on how well the class was presented and all the knowledge of regulations they gained. I believe this will help us here at TCEC to become more safety minded and help with our safety culture.

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